Photography Hides

Panamá is blessed with an incredible diversity of wildlife species.

Trying to find animals in the thick Tropical Rainforest is very difficult! It is even more so for wildlife photographers.

Gamboa Rainforest Reserve has embarked on an exciting vegetation restoration and wildlife conservation project.

As Gamboa Rainforest Reserve falls within the same range (Canal Area Pacific Slope) as the famous Pipeline Road, the Reserve is a premier birding and wildlife site.

9° NORTH Panamá is working in association with the Reserve to set up and manage a number of day and night-time wildlife photography hides and birding trails throughout the Reserve.

Day / Night
Exclusive Photographers Hide
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Day / Night

The Pond

Photographers / Viewing Hide
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The Old Bridge

Photographers / Viewing Deck
Day / Night

The Orchards

Photographers / Viewing Hide
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The Pump House

Photographers / Viewing Hide
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Kwando Boat

Specialist Photography Boat