Orchards built by 9 North Panama at Gamb

Our first Hide under construction.  The shade cloth is temporary, until we get a better feel for the light and viewing angles of the Hide.

We are in the process of constructing a selection of Wildlife and Bird Observation Hides and Viewing Platforms in the Gamboa Rainforest Reserve. 


The Hides are being designed to suit both photographers and 'Birders'. 

The Hides and Viewing Platforms will be connected via a series of Bird Trails.

As each Hide is completed it will become available to hire.

Photography Hides:

Note: From November 2021, we will also offer an option to hire of a pro-level DSLR camera and 150-600mm lens with a complimentary SD Memory card.

Orchards built by 9 North Panama at Gamb

Orchards Hide

Gamboa Rainforest Reserve

4-Hours in the hide

Book for 1: $95 p.p.

Book for 2: $75 p.p.

Book for 3: $65 p.p.

Book for 4: $60 p.p

The option to use our cameras will only be av

As part of the Reserve's vegetation restoration initiative, they have planted a large area with fruit trees, and this area, which includes natural forest and a river inlet, is to be set aside as a conservation area.  This Hide has been set up in the Orchards.  The Hide has 360 degree views.  The back view is over a natural forest which is being restored.  Immediately in front of the Hide, we are building a Tropical Garden with Water features and feeding stations.  Behind the Garden is the Orchard.

In addition a range of birds, one may also get to see and photograph capuchin and tamarin monkeys, squirrels, acoutis (gata solos), agoutis (neques), capybara and iguanas.


  • Use of a pro-level Camera and 150-600mm telephoto lens

  • Your Photography and Wildlife host (Owner/English) will escort you to the Hide and get you set up

  • SD card with your photos to take away with you

  • 2 x Fluid Head Tripods on wheels

  • 4 x Ballhead mounts

  • 4 x Stools with wheels

  • Refreshments and snacks


No photography experience is required

  • Min. 1 seat : Max. 4 seats

Feeding Stations will be stocked at 6:45 and replenished as and when needed

Private Tour
(max. 4 persons without tripods
or 2 with tripods)

Hide opens at 6:45 am and closes at 11:00 am

Purple Gallinule with a baby Slider Turt

Old Pumphouse Hide

Gamboa Rainforest Reserve

 4-Hours in the hide

Book for 1: $65 p.p.

Book for 2: $50 p.p.

Heading 2

The old pumphouse overlooks a private inlet with no access to boats or fisherman. A variety of water and riverine birds can be seen at this hide.  There is also a good chance to see a caiman or crocodile and turtles. We are looking at setting up a floating feeding stations to attract herons.

We do not provide cameras or tripods at this hide


  • Your host (Owner/English) will escort you to the hide and get you set up

  • Refreshments and snacks

A floating feeding station will be stocked at 6:45 am

  • Min. 1 seat : Max. 2 seats

Private Tour
(max. 2 persons)

The Hide will open at 06:45 am and close at 11:00 am