Expect the Unexpected

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

These Proboscis Bats, hang beneath the branch of an overhanging tree on Gatun Lake.

The colonies are usually between 5 - 10 bats and they weigh just 4 grams.

Our Captain has eyes like a Hawk and can spot a Wasp nest or Snake from several feet away. This allows us to go deeper and further into the Rainforest Waterways.

Our expedition this week took us up the Rio Chagres to find new inlets. As we allowed the boat to drift alone the waters edge while we enjoyed coffee, some cows appeared over the long grass. I am not sure who was more startled them or us.

Fungus on a drifting log caught our attention. So many insects and bugs we don't often see until we have processed the photographs unless of course they land on one of us or on the boat!

Most tours start with the Canal and there can be several big Ships we pass in the twenty minutes or so, when on our way to the Lake.

It continues to amaze us how little they disturb the water as we pass by. It's the tugs that assist them that cause the biggest waves.

As well as plants, flowers, a huge variety of trees, Capuchin, Howlers and Tamarin Monkeys, we see 30 - 40 species of Birds, Iguanas, Crocodiles, Snakes, Turtles, Fish and the odd Sloth. On four occasions now we have seen the elusive Manatee.

If you like to be up-close to wildlife, try out our Photography Expedition. The four and a half hour tour is well planned and thought through, but there is always those unexpected moments that really bring the trip alive.

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