Its a Bugs Life!

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Insects often get overlooked when we go out to photograph the wildlife, yet they play such an important role in the Rainforest ecosystem, in way of plant reproduction and soil fertility.

Debris from around the rainforest can build up if it were not for the insects especially the Beetle, doing what they do best. According to Tropical Rainforest Facts Insects account for up to ninety percent of all living things on our planet. They keep our Rainforest healthy, although it is said in the above report that every day several species become extinct as more of our forest is being cut down.

Of course Insects are an important food source for many animals in the Rainforest too. We all to often think of Insects as creepy, scary, ugly things, but think of a Butterfly and then how this has transformed. Ants are hard workers, if you have ever watched them for an hour, they never stop, often carrying something twice their size for great distances, there is so much more to Insects than you can imagine.

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