Through the Lens

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Rio Chagres photography Expedition
Canon 7D Mark II With Sigma Lens 150-600mm

When you focus on a bird through the lens, breathing slow and steady, waiting for it to turn its head, grab a fish from the water or take flight, you are completely there in that moment. All else melts away and gives your mind some space to enjoy that moment fully.

There is so much more to photography

than capturing a moment to savour.

As well as improving your technical skills you will learn a new perspective through the eye of the lens. Focusing on one animal, bird or plant, lining up the picture,looking to see if you have the composition just right, then holding steady for that perfect moment.

The Sigma Lens allows you to get up close, to study and examine your subject. With the right settings you can photograph in low light, watching the wildlife wake early at dawn. We have a couple of pre programmed settings for those new to photography, otherwise have a go at manual and take several pictures with different lens length and playing with the light.

For those with no experience it can be be daunting,

we have patience,

we have been there too!

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