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At the time of adding this page to our website (19 June 2020), Panamá was still in lock down. Any expectations of the tourism industry recovery is still months away.  As to what the new 'Norm' will be, we have no clear idea.


What is clear though, is that the 'New Norm' will no longer be the norm as we knew it.  And one thing that will be different will be the safety measures that we will need to implement to keep both our guests, and ourselves safe.

Below is a list of the measures that we will take.  This page will be updated as things evolve.


If you have any concerns about your safety please speak with us.  




Government Regulations:

We will need to comply with Government regulations that, at present, require everybody to wear masks in a public place.

Gamboa Rainforest Resort and Marina

We expect that the Resort will implement their own safety measurements, which may include temperatures checks.

These are the measures that we will take:


- will be temperature checked on a regular basis

- hands will be washed and sanitised before and during each tour

Boat and equiment

- before and after each tour, the boat and all the equipment will be thoroughly washed and santised

- hand santiser and disposable wet wipes 

Private Transport

- our tranporter will ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly sanitised

- the driver may require you to wear masks

Should there be any risk to our clients or staff, we reserve the right to immediately cancel a tour, with full tour refund.

Private Tours

With immediate effect, all our photography and fishing tours will now be private.  The minute we receive your confirmed online booking, no further seats will be sold on your tour. 

Yes, this even applies to a solo traveller.

Private Transport

We use a private  transporter who will transport you from your hotel to the marina.  She will wait at the marina, to return you after the tour.

Our transporter also offers private airport transfers and City tours. 

Food & Beverages

Water: decanted into individual flasks and chilled 

Snacks: a section of individually packaged snacks that are suitable for vegetarians, lactose free, Halal and Kosher certified 

Tea, coffee, sugar: sachets

Powdered milk: non-dairy

Picnic lunch: prepared in our home kitchen to our strict hygiene standands

(we try to use as few single use plastics and disposable packaging as possible)

Feeding Monkeys

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